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apc holland

In an industry that tends to be cold and non-transparent, apc holland aims to be the insurance company that puts humans in the centre of every activity. An important part of this aspiration proved to be a strong brand with human visuals and photography.
2022 – to date | made at Studio Piraat

Where everything spins around people

During the first sessions with apc holland, it already became clear that they want to 'humanise' insurances. Therefore, the brand's strategy and visuals literally spin around people. Starting with the logo redesign with a subtly integrated arrow until all brand touchpoints like website, print deliverables and photography.
One of the highlights of this project was the 'apc show' where my colleague Jeen and I had the honour of presenting the new identity of acp holland to all staff members – confetti and champagne included (see photo below).

My tasks

Brand Design
Web Design
Print Design
Account Management
Logo – Before & After
Brand Guide
Colour usage
Brand Guide Details
Brand reveal presentation
Desktop website
Mobile website
Business Cards
Logo reveal

Project Partners:

Brand Strategy: Dion van der Spek, Studio Piraat
Brand Management: Jeen Budding, Studio Piraat
Animation: Hester Lincke, Studio Piraat
Icons: Lot Mars, Studio Piraat

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