Connection, passion and a good (fishy) laugh.

It’s easy to take oneself serious, and thereby forgetting about the rest of the world. Let’s turn this around. I love to approach creative challenges with humour, with ease and with passion. I love to create brands and stories that connect.

A photographer and brand designer by choice, a bad-pun machine by heart.

Born and raised in the Austrian hinterland, now feeling at home in quite a few places. Well, after some stops in Ireland and The Netherlands, my official address is in now in gorgeous Vienna. My nomad-gene doesn't stop me from exploring the world, though. With several years of agency experience, it was (partly) this nomad-gene that led me to freelancing.
So, besides travelling, music, and studying maps, nothing excites me more than helping passionate entrepreneurs and driven individuals. With photography. With brand design. With words. My curiosity helps me to think big. My impatience helps me to get things done – preferably pixel perfect. In the end, my main goal remains establishing sustainable connections, whether they are big or small.
Vienna, AT – very often in Den Haag, NL
available for commissions worldwide
Photo by Lizzy Zaanen

The hardfacts

Experience & Education

Freelance Branding Specialist & Storyteller
Co-Founder & Chief Creative
@ The Daily Pins, NL 
Freelance Photographer
Brand Designer & Design Lead
@ Studio Piraat, NL
BA, Informationsdesign
@ FH Joanneum, AT
Erasmus Exchange, Cork, IE

What I'm proud of

Regards from Somewhere
Calendar for a good cause
'Knock Knock'
Photo project
Various ICMA Design Awards
Student Speaker FYI Conference, AT
'500.00km² mehr - einmal um Island'
Photo exhibition, AT

What I can do for you

Brand Design
Brand Strategy
Graphic Design
Brand Management
Project Management
Editorial Design
Web Design
Photo retouch
Corporate Imagery
Editorial Photography
Travel Content
Travel Stories
All this in English, German, Dutch and un poco de Spanish.

More creatives, more fun

Nobody can do it alone, that's why I'm proud of my network of fellow creatives, each specialized in their own craft. Together, we can help you even better to make yourself seen, make yourself understood.
Aleksandra Pekala, PL
Art Director, Brand Designer
Kamil Kowalczyk, PL
Graphic Designer, Illustrator
Daniel Kremser, DE
Valentina Gatterer, AT
Illustrator, Designer
Jessy Kneefel, NL
Content Creator
Katharina Diem, AT
Conscious Designer
Astrid Muiderman, NL
Creative Producer
Barbara Aichinger, AT
Communication Designer, Photographer
Hester Lincke, NL
Illustrator, Animation Designer
Maud Berends, NL
Project Management

Let’s connect on the Gram

Get your necessary dose of wanderlust with my travel photos, or judge my occasional wanna-be comedian stories.

Let’s Connect and Create Good Stuff Together

Let’s work together as a team, as friends. I believe in collaborations where logic is as important as humour. In collaborations that aren’t just a one-project-stand. So let's connect – through our WiFi routers or over a beer or Spritzwein.

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