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Very South. Much America.

Quitting my job, leaving my flat and storing my plants at friends – February 2023 was rather eventful. The next thing I remember is sitting on a plane across the Atlantic. The start of a trip that would bring me from New York's urban jungle down to the wilderness of Patagonia.

Finding Patagonia. Or finding oneself? 

Well, to make things clear – I didn't find myself in South America in a spiritual way (to each their own). What I did find is an incredible continent, with a region – Patagonia – that's so mysterious, vast and hard to explain. I mean, there's not even a clear definition of where Patagonia begins. And while you climb up glaciers, ride buses for 25hours and find love in Alfajores and Maté – all on your own – you also learn a lot about yourself too.
In order not to forget all my adventures, I kept the travelogue 'Very South. Much America'. You can read the all stories here. Below you can find the very last chapter.
28-05-2023, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

This is where it ends. Seems like a good place to start.

I've been very south, much in America. Very much at the end of the world. I've been very high up on mountains, high on endorphins, adrenaline, maté and cachaça. In the very depths of incredible cities, in their restaurants, dance floors and culture. In the depths of jungles, bays and local history. I've been very much on the hunt for breathtaking views, ...
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