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500.000km2 mehr

'... einmal um Island' – a photo exhibition. After travelling across the gorgeous island of Iceland, I was asked to showcase my impressions at an exhibition in my hometown. Displaying the rough, surreal beauty of a country that found a way to live in peace with all elements in their wildest form.

Between hot springs and cold waterfalls

Iceland doesn't clean up for its visitors. It is honest, brutal and brags about its countless raw diamonds. The conclusion of two weeks travelling across Iceland's 500.000km²: you expect bad weather, hot springs, waterfalls and endless daylight. What you get is indeed bad weather, soaking in hot rivers and chasing waterfall after waterfall — but way more, more than you could have ever expected.
'500.00km2 – einmal um Island' was on display in late 2017 in the Sparkasse of my hometown Pöllau.

My tasks

Travel Stories
Graphic Design
Exhibition folder

Project Partners:

Copy: Anna-Christin Faist
Venue: Sparkasse Pöllau

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