Glasgow riverside and view over the city centre of Edinburgh

Well, I‘ve already been in Berlin twice: After the first time seven years ago I was really fond of the city with it’s countless sights. The second time – in 2015 – it was a stop on our Interrail tour. I was expecting quite lot as people praised it as the hottest creative (aka hipster) hub in Europe. However, in comparison to other places I thought the city was dirty, messy and rough. 

Having such a dodgy relation with the metropolis I was curious how it will turn out at my third visit – a university trip in order to get an insight into some design companies and the like.

As I said before, I still have no clue whether to like or disregard Berlin – my opinion changes with every new street I turn into (as it is with white chocolate). Of course, I had a great time with my university friends, got to see some nice design studios and found sweet spots. But we had (again) some odd encounters and bumped into weird places. So instead of giving you some touristy tips I would like to tell you about some of our happenings:


Let‘s start off with the inhabitants who are as diverse as the city itself. You meet people from any cultural and ethnic background as well as quite a few oddballs. Here’s an interesting example: When we were buying a crate of beer an old, skinny lady turned around and started screaming furiously at us: “You‘ll all get cancer, idiots!” - how considerate of her that she cares about our health.Moreover, the owner of a cat café wouldn‘t serve us since we were eight people at once and she was about to close in one and a half hour (I was very tempted to start an argument with her on Google reviews). Other interesting encounters included a man who confessed us his love for the DDR and Arabella Kiesbauer (an Austrian presenter) and a guy dressed in a spotless white overall sitting in a shopping cart at our metro station. You see, it never gets boring there.


Also anything but boring is Berlin at night. From cheesy “Austrian Apré Ski huts” to underground clubs which are somewhere between exciting and creepy – the offer is immense.Consequently, we took the opportunity and went to two fabulous concerts and checked out the clubbing scene. There were two places that especially stuck to my mind: the first one was a tiny floor in a cool techno club. In contrast to the other stages, the about 10m² were filled with folk and pop music and you could only enter it from the men‘s toilet – a sparkling combination.

Glasgow city branding, getting sunburnt and view over Buchanan street in Glasgow

The other one was a true underground club with „minimal experimental experimental music“. Maybe I‘m not sophisticated enough but even for me it sounded more like a broken car than actual music. The bar was decorated carefully with furniture hanging from the ceiling and featured some fascinating yet frightening details – like a clock that goes backwards. Even though a part of me wanted to leave the place as soon as a 40 year old guy started a “live-performance” of the breaking car sounds I was somehow drawn into the atmosphere and an invisible power forced me to stay.


During this week I also realized that the city has some severe issues with its airports. You might of heard of the one that is currently under construction which should have been finished by 2011. After some major construction defects the opening has been pushed back from year to year – currently flight traffic is supposed to start by late 2018, early 2019. 

However, once (or rather if) the airport is finished the other two that are operating now should be closed and thus increase the number of abandoned airports to three. Yes you heard right – there is already a big closed airport in proximity to the city centre at Tempelhof. Maybe there is some kind of clever strategy behind it or maybe Berlin people have a thing for lost airports. At least the former Tempelhof airport makes a brilliant photo location.

To sum up, I probably couldn‘t live in Berlin for a long time and it also won’t make onto my top 5 favourite cities. Still, it‘s terribly exciting and provides you with plenty of stories to tell. Therefore, I will presumably come back for the unique Berlin vibe.

Cheers, Michael

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Clyde Arc at night and strolling through the botanical gardens of Glasgow