Glasgow riverside and view over the city centre of Edinburgh

Before we dive into the book – in case you care, sorry for not updating my stories in a while. It’s been a bit since the last one not (or only partly) because of me being a lazy bastard. Instead, I’ve been rather busy with moving to Holland for my internship about which I’ll hopefully tell you soon. Apart from that, I finished my last official semester at my university and along with that I had to do some projects.

That’s where we get back to the actual topic of this post. One of the briefs of a class demanded us to  create a digital book that is optimized for smartphone usage. With all the images of Ireland on my hard-drive and the texts I’ve written about my studies abroad to improve my English it was quite obvious what my book would be about. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy – at least that’s what I thought in the beginning.

It turned out not to be that easy as I’ve never dealt with so much content. Consequently it took quite some time to arrange all short stories in chapters and to chose the right images for each of them. The result of this were 34 chapters with more than 400 photos. 

The next challenge was to bring them all into form that is both pleasant and easy to navigate through on a tiny screen. Therefore, I made several prototypes in InDesign and tested them on my phone before creating the actual website. As soon as I was happy with the layout I eventually built the book in Webflow – an awesome visual website composer that requires only basic coding skills. 

Well, enough rambling around – you can check out my digital book “That’s grand” here. Hope you enjoy it! 

Cheers from Den Haag

Glasgow city branding, getting sunburnt and view over Buchanan street in Glasgow
take a look at the brand manual: 
City centre of Edinburgh _ below some further impressions of Edinburgh

Julia Johnston _ Proofreading


Clyde Arc at night and strolling through the botanical gardens of Glasgow