Glasgow riverside and view over the city centre of Edinburgh

It all starts with the big question about what you are going to shoot (not kill, taking pictures of). In this particular case the answer came before the question. Dogdays of Summer posted on Facebook that they’re looking for photographers and other creatives to collaborate with. Without blinking an eye I wrote them a charming mail telling them that I’m a photographer and ready to work to together – so everything that they were looking for (or so). Luckily, they immediately agreed provide me with outfits and gave me the freedom to choose whatever kind of style and setting I’d like to put my models in.

The next step was creating a mood board and consequently think of possible locations that suit my chosen style. I decided that I want to do an urban shooting and thereby show the huge variety of a modern metropolis – fashion- and location-wise. With a lack of big cities in Austria it soon became clear that the whole thing is going to take place in Vienna. After showing my concept to the girls of Dogdays of Summer and fixing the date the basis was certain – easy peasy lemon squeezy.

You could just walk through the city on the day of the shooting and ask strangers whether they want to act as models – but I’d say the majority wouldn’t be too eager to join a creepy dude for a promised photo shooting. Instead; I asked my virtual friends on Facebook if someone wants to participate in the project. Surprisingly, the response was really big and in the end I had to sort out possible models by their appearance and felt like a superficial jerk. I also got a message by Janina, the model agent of Addicted to Models that some her models need some pictures for their set card. 

Being undetermined I decided to do the location scouting first and then choose the right models for each set. After walking through the city for a day with my good friends and Vienna guides Anna and Julia we eventually settled on the locations for the shooting: the Donaukanal, DC-Tower (with whom Julia desperately fell in love) and the Burgarten/Albertina. It’s really interesting how close these spots are together but how different they are – well, perfect for my idea. At the end of day we treated ourselves with some Käsekrainer (sausages filled with cheese) and tried to allocate the appropriate models to each set – with success!

What’s missing now? Exactly! Someone who’s doing the hair and make-up. This part was way easier than expected since Melanie and Shoki – both amazing stylists – gave me a shout after posting in various Facebook groups.

Glasgow city branding, getting sunburnt and view over Buchanan street in Glasgow

Afterwards I made a list for required equipment and asked some friends whether they wanted to help out on the shooting day. A few days ahead I visited Dogdays of Summer in their store in Graz and together with Clarissa we created the outfits for each model. To be honest, it was more Clarissa’s expertise than my comments that led to the remarkable attire that you can see on the photos. 

With a full trunk it was high time to head to Vienna and to visit all locations again a day before. In doing so we also searched for power sockets for our stylists. We were even allowed to do the styling in the lobby of the DC-Tower, fancy fancy. Special thanks to the security guard there who would open us the gate to the toilets a hundred times. In return; we let him add one of the models on Snapchat.

In the morning of the 27th of August a team of ten motivated people were eager to spend the whole day shooting like maniacs. Unfortunately one of the models got sick. However, my good friend and assistant Eva took over her part without hesitation. 

Everyone involved wasn’t only utterly professional but also great fun. Therefore, I had a splendid day and ten hours of photographing passed in no time. Now, a month later I can proudly present you the results of the shooting. My homie Daniel also made a fantastic video which you shouldn’t miss - watch it!

Thanks to everyone involved in this project – it was a pleasure to work with you!

Cheers, Michael

take a look at the brand manual: 
City centre of Edinburgh _ below some further impressions of Edinburgh

Dogdays of Summer _ fashion

Johannes Benzinger _ model

Anna Maier _ model

Eva Pöttler _ model

Sarah Scherzer _ model

Mia Thomalla _ model

Melanie Krapf _ hair & make up

Shokan Kamil _ hair & make up

Daniel Kremser _ video

Anna Faist _ assistant, location scout

Julia Gremsl _ location scout


Clyde Arc at night and strolling through the botanical gardens of Glasgow